With a recipe that has remained a closely guarded secret since 1827, Grand Marnier originated in a distillery in Neauphle, a tiny commune near Versailles west of Paris. The founder Jean-Baptiste Lapostolle was a noted connoisseur who created the unique recipe by blending cognac with a unique variety of orange from the Caribbean known as 'Citrus Bigaradia'.

    In modern times, Grand Marnier is France's most widely exported liqueur, providing discerning chefs with an intense flavour kernel for hand made chocolates, gelato, jams, cakes and brownies. It plays a starring role in the sauce of 'Canard à l’Orange' and Crêpe  Suzette. Grand Marnier products are just some of a broad selection of alcohols specially formulated for food manufacture and commercial kitchens.

    Commercial applications worldwide encompass both sweet and savoury foods, including flambés and indulgent ice creams. French Fine Foods is able to supply manufacturers with unique cooking-only
formulations of Grand Marnier in sizes up to 20 litres, providing a commercially-viable ingredient to help you secure a profitable niche in a lucrative marketplace.

Cooking Alcohols including Grand 

  1. Grand Marnier® 'Classic' 50%
    Grand Marnier® 'Classic' 50%
    For gastronomic use, adds a distinctive & intense orange liqueur flavour to desserts, sauces and cakes. 50%, 1 & 20 litre packs.
  2. Café Marnier® Coffee Extract
    Café Marnier® Coffee Extract
    A distinctive flavoured coffee extract ideal for desserts & chocolates. 18%, 1L.
  3. Madeira
    Produced and bottled on the island of Madeira, Portugal. 17 %, 1 L.
  4. Bardinet Rum  - Double Aroma
    Bardinet Rum - Double Aroma
    Aged in oak barrels for a smooth, mellow taste then imported from the West Indies. 54%, 1 L.
  5. Armagnac
    Adhering strictly to the centuries-old tradition, our Apellation d’Origine Contrôlée Armagnac has been twice distilled in France, then aged in oak barrels. 40%, 1 L.
  6. Creme de Cassis de Dijon
    Creme de Cassis de Dijon
    An intense and distinctive blackcurrant alcohol for food manufacture and culinary use. 15%, 1 L.
  7. Calvados
    An Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée apple brandy produced in Normandy in northern France for gastronomic use. 1 L.
  8. Brandy
    A fine brandy specially for culinary use. 40% . 1 L.
  9. Cognac
    Imported from France, this Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée Cognac allows you to instill a distinctive, complex flavour to sweet and savoury dishes. 54%, 1 L.
  10. Strawberry
    A full-flavoured strawberry extract. 50%, 1 L.
  11. Grand Marnier® Cherry Extract
    Grand Marnier® Cherry Extract
    50%, 1 L.
  12. Mirabelle (Plum)
    Mirabelle (Plum)
    Mirabelle plum extract. Eau de Vie cooking liqueur. 40%, 1L.
  13. Kirsch
    Kirsch Patisserie Eau-de-Vie cherry brandy. 45%, 1L.
  14. Concentré D'Amande
    Concentré D'Amande
    Almond Concentrate for culinary use, 1 L., 50%.
  15. William Pear
    William Pear
    Eau-de-Vie fruit brandy, winner of Sélections Mondiales des Spiritueux, Canada in 2011. 40%, 1 L.
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