1. Lobster Bisque
    Lobster Bisque
    Featuring lobsters caught in the crystaline waters off the Brittany coast. 850 ml.
  2. Velvet Swimming Crab Soup
    Velvet Swimming Crab Soup
    A traditional crab soup found on the menus of countless seafood restaurants dotted along the Cancale waterfront. 850 ml.
  3. Fish Soup
    Fish Soup
    Prepared with Conger, Gurnard & Pout from Cancale. 850 ml.
  4. Scampi Soup
    Scampi Soup
    A delicate taste of the sea for enhancing your bouillabaisse or fish soup. 850 ml.
  5. Scallops Soup
    Scallops Soup
    Scallops Cream with Lobster Sauce, prepared using scallops and lobster caught off the Brittany coast. 850 ml.
  6. Shelfish Soup
    Shelfish Soup
    Enriched with Crab, Scampi & Lobster. 850 ml.
  7. Three Flavours Fish Soup
    Three Flavours Fish Soup
    A blend of fish, mussels and lobster caught on the Brittany coast. 850 ml.
Perched high on the Brittany coast  lies
 the fishing village of Cancale. Here in the 'oyster capital' of France, the Cancalais fishermen have harvested oysters, lobster, crab & mussels from these pristine waters 
for centuries. Such untamed beauty 
provided the inspiration for 18th century painter Jacques-Eugène Feyen, who
was regarded by Vincent Van Gogh as
'one of the few painters to vividly capture
intimate modern life as it really is'.

Our selection of fish soups will provide modern chefs with a base for their own masterpieces, or a satisfying dish they can
simply heat, garnish  & serve.
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