A synthesis of France's unique terroir aided by careful human intervention,  has given Ravifruit a global reputation for quality. Cultivated in the lush alpine valleys around Bougé-Chambalud near Lyon, where fertile soils and cool nights combine to deliver fruit with intense flavour & sweetness particularly suited to cocktails, pastries & ice cream.
All Ravifruit purees are pasteurised to ensure greater shelf life, vibrant
colour & distinctive flavour.
  1. Ravifruit Mango
    Ravifruit Mango
    Enjoy mango all year round with this intense-flavoured Mango Fruit Purée, ripened in the Mediterranean sun. 1 kg.
  2. Ravifruit Passionfruit
    Ravifruit Passionfruit
    Add a concentrated burst of passionfruit to cocktails, pies and desserts. 1kg.
  3. Ravifruit Raspberry
    Ravifruit Raspberry
    Ripe, rich and intense, this Raspberry Fruit Purée ripened in the French sunshine. Pasteurised for long life. 1kg.
  4. Ravifruit Peach
    Ravifruit Peach
    A uniquely-French White Peach Fruit Purée which adds a rich burst of flavour to pies, cocktails and desserts. Pasteurised. 1kg.
  5. Ravifruit Mojito
    Ravifruit Mojito
    An exotic Carribean inspired cocktail, conveniently packaged ready to use all year round. 1 kg.
  6. Ravifruit Red Berries
    Ravifruit Red Berries
    A blend of raspberry, blackcurrant and cranberry in the one convenient pack. 1 kg.
  7. Ravifruit William Pear
    Ravifruit William Pear
    Alpine growing conditions with warm days and cool nights are perfectly suited to the William pear. 1 kg.
  8. Ravifruit Apricot
    Ravifruit Apricot
    A popular choice for desserts and cocktails. 1 kg.
  9. Ravifruit Blueberry (Myrtille)
    Ravifruit Blueberry (Myrtille)
    A purée made from sun ripened fruit grown near the French alps. 1 kg.
  10. Ravifruit Cassis (Blackcurrant)
    Ravifruit Cassis (Blackcurrant)
    Sun ripened fruit. 1kg.
  11. Ravifruit Morello Cherry (Griotte)
    Ravifruit Morello Cherry (Griotte)
    The distinctive flavour of Morello cherries. 1 kg.
  12. Ravifruit Lychee
    Ravifruit Lychee
    An exotic purée for cocktails and Asian inspired desserts. 1 kg.
  13. Ravifruit Strawberry
    Ravifruit Strawberry
    Made with field-ripened sweet strawberries. Ikg.
  14. Ravifruit Green Apple
    Ravifruit Green Apple
    A purée of tree-ripened green apples grown in south-eastern France. 1kg.
  15. Ravifruit Mandarin
    Ravifruit Mandarin
    A natural Mandarin purée with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 1 kg.
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