1. Dried Ceps (Porcini Mushrooms)
    Dried Ceps (Porcini Mushrooms)
    Porcini Mushrooms, air-dried to retain freshness and flavour. 200 g.
  2. Wild Mushroom Coulis
    Wild Mushroom Coulis
    First grade Mushroom Coulis with 91% mushrooms, for preparing sauces. A base for preparing meat, pasta and vegetable dishes. 1kg tub.
  3. Dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms
    Dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms
    Black trumpet mushrooms with a distinctive flavour that springs to life when re-hydrated. 200 g.
  4. Porcini Mushrom Coulis
    Porcini Mushrom Coulis
    A premium coulis containing 91% Porcini mushrooms. 1kg tub.
  5. Morel Mushrooms
    Morel Mushrooms
    The distinctive flavour of Morel mushrooms makes them a French favourite. 200 g.
  6. Morel Mushrooms  A Grade
    Morel Mushrooms A Grade
    Rare and highly-prized 'Morilles' - the finest A-Grade mushrooms. 200 g.
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