1. Pheasant Pâté with Grapes
    Pheasant Pâté with Grapes
    A rich pâté with the gamey flavour of wild pheasant, delicately enhanced with grapes. 180 g jar.
  2. Wild Boar Pâté
    Wild Boar Pâté
    A smooth, creamy pâté with the hearty taste of wild boar. 180 g jar.
  3. Rabbit Pâté with Rosemary
    Rabbit Pâté with Rosemary
    The distinctive flavour of tender rabbit, with a hint of rosemary. 180 g jar.
  4. Duck Terrine Monbazillac Wine
    Duck Terrine Monbazillac Wine
    A duck terrine enhanced with a sweet white wine from Monbazillac on the Dordogne River. 180 g jar.
  5. Duck Pâté with Cèpes (Porcini)
    Duck Pâté with Cèpes (Porcini)
    A duck pâté complemented with Porcini mushrooms imparting an earthy, rich flavour. 180 g jar.
  6. Hare Pâté with Juniper Berries
    Hare Pâté with Juniper Berries
    Farm-raised hare complimented with juniper berries, to create a rich, gamey pâté. 180 g jar.
  7. Duck Pâté with Armagnac
    Duck Pâté with Armagnac
    The flavour of fine Armagnac serves as a fitting compliment to the subtle creaminess of the duck. 180 g jar.
  8. Pork Pâté
    Pork Pâté
    A hearty, intense-flavoured pork pâté. 180 g jar.
  9. Castaing Goose Rillettes
    Castaing Goose Rillettes
    Produced using a traditional recipe from artisan producer Jean Daniel Castaing in Saint Sever. 130gm jar.
  10. Castaing Duck Rillettes
    Castaing Duck Rillettes
    Prepared using centuries-old techniques by Jean Daniel Castaing. 130gm.
  11. Castaing Rillettes & Mouse Gift Pack
    Castaing Rillettes & Mouse Gift Pack
    Four 67gm packs - one duck rillettes, two terrines and a pâté; the perfect gift. 268gm pack.
  12. Discover Rillettes
    Discover Rillettes
    Castaing Rillettes are made from tender duck meat, with no artificial preservatives.
Meet Jean and Robert Danos, two artisan makers of pâté and foie gras from the Dordogne in south-eastern France.
After humble beginnings growing up above their parents' grocery store in Trémolat, a small village overlooking the Dordogne river, the brothers have built a thriving business assisted by just 6 employees. The many awards in food and agricultural competitions across France are testimony to their remarkable skills.

 - Concours Foies Gras et Traditions  Bourdeaux 2013 - Gold Medal

- Concours Foie Gras Expo
de Saint-Severs 2013 - Gold Medal

- Concours Générale de Agricole
Paris 2012 - Silver Medal

With barely 5% of their production set aside for export, we have been fortunate in securing the pick of the range for discerning New Zealand customers.

We also stock a range of rillettes, made by renowned producer Maison Castaing.

Artisan Pâtés from the village of Trémolat, south-Eastern France.

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