1. Dark Chocolate Glaze
    Dark Chocolate Glaze
    Dilute 20% with water, heat in a microwave then mix carefully avoiding air bubbles. May be frozen. 3kg tub.
  2. Cocoa Butter
    Cocoa Butter
    An essential ingredient for making chocolate, enriched with essential fatty acids like Omega-6. 3 kg resealable tub.
  3. Dark Cocoa Powder
    Dark Cocoa Powder
    A low fat cocoa powder. 20-22% cocoa. 1kg foil pack.
  4. White Chocolate Glaze
    White Chocolate Glaze
    Dilute 20% with water, heat in a microwave then mix carefully avoiding air bubbles. May be frozen. 3kg tub.
  5. La Royaltine (Feuilletine)
    La Royaltine (Feuilletine)
    Crushed crepe biscuits. ideal for texture contrast for pastries and chocolates. 2kg carton.
  6. Cocoa Icing
    Cocoa Icing
    Semi-soft icing with a glossy finish. Can be frozen - retains its brilliance & shine when defrosted. 3kg tub
  7. Flan Gel Nappage - Apricot
    Flan Gel Nappage - Apricot
    Apricot Glaze gels quickly and firmly and offers a brilliant, glossy shine. Holds well even on fruits that are difficult to glaze. 14kg tub.
  8. Nappage Neutre - Clear
    Nappage Neutre - Clear
    Remains soft during use, adheres well to pastries and a retains rich gloss in window displays. 14kg tub.
  9. Louis Francois Pectin E440
    Louis Francois Pectin E440
    Pectin E440. 1 kg pack.
  10. Trablit
    Extrait de Café Liquide Trablit, a rich, aromatic coffee flavouring imported from Madagascar. 1 L.
  11. Non Melting Snow Sugar
    Non Melting Snow Sugar
    'Neige Eternelle', a high quality non melting snow sugar. Available in 1kg or 5 kg packs.
  12. Morello Cherries
    Morello Cherries
    Whole Morello Cheries in Kirsch. 15% Alc/vol. 3kg resealable tub.
  13. Almond Concentrate
    Almond Concentrate
    Concentrate D' Almonde for professional use. 50%, 1 L.
  14. Kirsch Patisserie
    Kirsch Patisserie
    A true 'Eau de Vie' Kirsch for professional use. 45%, 1L.
  15. Marzipan
    Sweet, yet non-sticky. 3kg tub.
  16. Glocose Syrup
    Glocose Syrup
    Improves softness and enhances texture, helps soften sugar syrup and prevents crystalisation. 8kg tub.
  17. Fondant
    Fondant Pâtissier - white fondant. 8kg resealable tub.
  18. Hail (Pearl) Sugar
    Hail (Pearl) Sugar
    Hail Sugar, also known as 'Pearl Sugar', in 5kg bags.
  19. Vanilla
    A premium vanilla flavour. 1 L.
  20. Almond Praline 50%
    Almond Praline 50%
    Highest quality praline with 50% almonds. 6kg resealable tub.
  21. Neutral Icing Ready-To-Use
    Neutral Icing Ready-To-Use
    Ready to use neutral translucent icing. Easy to use, can be used with a spray gun. 7kg tub
  22. Praline 25% Almond 25% Hazelnut
    Praline 25% Almond 25% Hazelnut
    Almond praline with 25% almond and 25% hazelnut content. 1kg resealable tub.
  23. Hazelnut Praline 50%
    Hazelnut Praline 50%
    Premium grade praline with 50% hazelnut. 6kg resealable tub.
  24. Louis Francois Pectin NH
    Louis Francois Pectin NH
    Can be remelted once set, specially made for fillings and pastry glazes. Ikg pack.
  25. Orange Blossom Water
    Orange Blossom Water
    Orange blossom water. 1L.
  26. Massenez William Pear
    Massenez William Pear
    Eau-de-Vie fruit brandy, winner of Sélections Mondiales des Spiritueux, Canada in 2011. 40%, 1 L.
  27. Massenez Mirabelle (Plum)
    Massenez Mirabelle (Plum)
    Mirabelle plum extract. Eau de Vie cooking liqueur. 40%, 1L.
  28. Rosewater
    Rosewater from France.1 L.
Extracts are typically made by mixing a concentrated flavour with alcohol. The alcohol burns off during cooking, leaving only the flavour in your dish. Yet extracts are not always the most effective way to add flavour to your cooking. Coffee is one of the few flavours which does not translate well to extracts. Experts agree that Trablit is the one product which captures true coffee flavour. 

Trablit has been a producer of roasted coffee for almost 150 years. Based on the outskirts of Paris, the company has always been dedicated to providing pastry chefs with a product worthy of their creations. This 100% natural coffee extract is ideal for use in desserts including eclairs & other pâtisserie products, and for making chocolate.
La Royaltine biscuits are sweetened crêpes  crushed into thin, delicate flakes. They are much finer than normal crushed biscuits and are ideal for a range of cakes, desserts & pastry products to achieve a more refined dish. La Royaltine crushed crêpes are used in professional kitchens and pâtisseries.

- Use as a base for cakes, biscuits & cheesecakes
- Mix them into your mousse to add crunch
- Add them into ice cream for extra texture
- Blend them into a ganache
- Use for truffle centres or chocolate filling
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